Podcast #53 - Sleet's Top 15 Albums of 2015  Podcast

You know those end-of-year Best of... lists that every online and print music publication puts out each year? MetalSucks.net takes it a step further and let's all their contributors post their own individual lists. Well our buddy, Sleet, wanted to check out some new metal and spent the first 3 months of 2016 listening to ALL OF THE ALBUMS listed as part of the MetalSucks, "Top 15 Albums Of 2015". Pretty amazing effort really! 

In this episode we chat to him about the whole experience and he runs us through…

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Podcast #52 - Cabba Home Alone w/ Studio Updates & Making Your Own Podcast  Podcast

Look out Throners, Cabba takes to the airwaves by himself tonight, whilst drumming extraordinaire Ash is undergoing recording set ups for the guitarists to hit the studio this weekend. Cabba gives you all the latest, as well as walks the newbies through setting up a website on Bandzoogle and how to make your very own podcast. Ridiculous drunken jingles ensue and a whole lot of fun! 

Check out.......

Claim The Throne's shit
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Podcast #51 - Three Fifths of Claim The Throne  Podcast

Jesse sits in this week to talk some shit. Jesse is the one and only piano/keys and femme vocalist of Claim The Throne and this is her 2nd appearance on the podge. And just because she was around and there were microphones, we decided to record a ‘live and unplugged’ version of an old Claim The Throne favourite as a special bonus track – that is available for download from our BandCamp for free. Do try it.

Podcast #50 - More Patreon?  Podcast

We finally made it to episode 50! Thanks to all of you guys for listening to us crap on all the time. We hope we’re still bringing you something enjoyable. 

In this episode we discussion our latest progress with the new album and have a yarn about the current state of the music industry. We focus once again on Patreon – a service that has been hotly discussed recently across the internet in blogs, webzines and social media.

In other news, ClaimTheThrone.com is receiving an overhaul soon and so is the…

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Podcast #49 - Getting Ready To Record  Podcast

Claim The Throne spent the last month at Hen House Rehearsal Studios finalising our latest collection of music. This podge was recorded just before we started the that month. Needless to say we were too busy to get the podge online – but that shows we were productive right?…

Digital Discography on sale for download now! 

The entire Claim The Throne digital discography is now available for download now athttp://claimthethrone.bandcamp.com. Packed full of bonus goodies, full lyrics and album art booklets! 

Forged In Flame (2013) – Including over 60mins of Aussie Melodic Death / Folk Metal 
Triumph & Beyond (2010) – Including band pics and song notes 
Aletales (2009) – Including music video and guitar pro tabs 
Only The Brave Return (2008) – Including PDF of the fantasy novel written by band members 
Cabba Sings Claim The Throne…

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Podcast #48 - New Year’s Spray  Podcast

Join Cabba and Ash for the first podge of 2016. In this cunt we chat about Claim The Throne’s whopping earnings from our digital distribution in 2015. We also touch on some of the tunes we listened to and what we took away from the year that was. 

Dissection – Retribution: Storm of the Light’s Bane

Podcast #46 - Podcast in a Jam Room  Podcast

What do you do when only Cabba and Ash rock up to a Claim The Throne jam? Podge it of course! 
Strap in as Cabba and Ash jam a few new songs over a couple of beers at the Hen House Rehearsal Rooms in Osborne Park.


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Claim The Throne Return to the Stage

TBC, TBC, Perth, Australia

After 12 months off gigging, Claim The Throne are ready to return with a brand new album and a next-level high quality stage show.

  • Rollin
  • Dual vocal attack
    Dual vocal attack
  • Another day of vocal recording
    Another day of vocal recording
  • Bass brutality in the studio today #claimthethrone #bass #metalbass #homerecording
    Bass brutality in the studio today #claimthethrone #bass #metalbass #homerecording
  • What even is folk metal #broodalkarnts
    What even is folk metal #broodalkarnts
  • Channeling Marduk. Black metal / pineapple juice combo.
    Channeling Marduk. Black metal / pineapple juice combo.
  • Is vodka n pineapple juice a good drink when recording gutturals? Yes it is
    Is vodka n pineapple juice a good drink when recording gutturals? Yes it is
  • Fans of #symphonicmetal will be happy to hear Jesse is laying keys for the new album right now!
    Fans of #symphonicmetal will be happy to hear Jesse is laying keys for the new album right now!
  • Dysie back in the studio - Fueled by #chiko #willworkforchiko #chikoroll
    Dysie back in the studio - Fueled by #chiko #willworkforchiko #chikoroll