Ripping apart folk metal with a merciless assault, finally a band is delivering an extreme take on melodies that fans of pagan and melodeath alike have been raging for. Australia's Claim The Throne deliver their epic fourth full-length album ON DESOLATE PLAINS with passion and ferocity - An epic slab of heavy folk-influenced melodic death metal that sees the band at the peak of their 10 year raid.

  • Brendon Capriotti – Vocals / Guitar
  • Glenn Dyson – Guitar / Vocals
  • Jim Parker – Bass / Vocals
  • Jesse Millea – Keyboards / Vocals
  • Ashley Large – Drums

Claim The Throne are a metal band from Perth, Western Australia. Their music best fits in the categories of Melodic Death and Folk Metal.

The band was formed in 2006 and released their first album ONLY THE BRAVE RETURN in 2008. The album also came with a novel written by the band members with chapters that matched each song on the album. This album saw the band receive much success in Perth and they were soon headlining local metal events.

In 2009 they welcomed a new keyboard player to the band and released the ‘ALETALES’ EP/DVD. This gave Claim The Throne the writing and recording experience they needed to move to a greater professional level. The first music video ‘Set Sail On Ale’ gave Claim The Throne exposure throughout Australia as the first band to play Folk Metal in the country. They began touring nationally, including support slots with international bands and metal festivals.

Claim The Throne released the next album ‘TRIUMPH AND BEYOND’ in 2010, and were now considered one of Australia’s most popular metal bands and built a new lineup that still remains today. Regular national touring began, and the band toured overseas for the first time including a trip to New Zealand and a 16 date UK tour.

Late 2013 Claim The Throne released their most solid album to date, ‘FORGED IN FLAME’. The 14-track, 60min epic album has received rave reviews worldwide, and the band has worked hard to obtain more national and overseas touring. Highlights so far including a headlining Australian tour, headlining US & Canada Tour, the 70000 Tons of Metal Festival Cruise in USA, the Hammersonic Festival in Indonesia (15,000 attendees), Fanatik Festival in Bali (5,000 attendees), and a tour of Japan & South Korea.

In October 2017 came the new album ON DESOLATE PLAINS. Already the band have released two music videos from the album, played 6 shows supporting Wintersun, and undertaken their third tour to Japan. In January they will perform 9 events throughout Australia and will make their first visit to Europe in June. The album has so far received excellent reviews as it pushes the extreme metal element of the music even further, whilst still remaining epic and fun.

Claim The Throne are a band that work tirelessly to reach their potential and encourage fans to do the same. This year has seen the launch of the Claim The Throne podcast and blog with advice for upcoming bands to achieve the most they can. With 4 releases and increasing skills, Claim The Throne are excited for the future and taking their music to a high level on a global scale.

Forged In Flame truly is a superb piece of work and is very much deserving of a perfect score. 10/10.”

Soundscape Magazine

Forged in Flame is a colossal, sweeping album of relentless, clashing epic melodic death metal and anyone who loves that sort of thing should own this.”

Loud Mag

Claim the Throne tick every single box and their music will appeal to all in the Metal genre.”


There is real genius in the creation of this music, it’s actually quite dark and brutally heavy and powerful.”

SF Media

“Forged in Flame” is a must-have for epic melodic black death metal fans, a really professional work, with a perfect “mainstream” sound and wonderful compositions.”

Metal Soundscapes